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An international cradle

In 1993, the "World Choir", a  Welsh association which  gathered several male voice choirs (Welsh, English, Canadian and Australian) wished a male voce choir would be created in Brittany in order to invite them to participate in a great gathering.

No male voice choirs really existed up to there. That invitation was a real challenge. On the spur of Jean-Marie Airault and Jean-Pierre Prémel, about thirty singers coming from different Breton choirs took up the challenge. They worked very hard for a few months and managed to work out a programme. Then they have been the ambassadors of Brittany in Atlanta (USA) in 1994.

That was an enthusiastic experience and a moment of great promise : back home, they decided to ensure the continued experience of the group. Then the male voice choir of Brittany was born. They chose their official name "Mouezh Paotred Breizh" - Men's voices of Brittany.

An absoluty Breton DNA

Singing, dancing, music and tales make History, Culture and ponctuate the important moments of life. The Breton language is a treasure and a strong part of their identity.

With their songs, "Mouezh Paotred Breizh" want to promote that culture and to make their heritage improve.

They are Breton and they are open to the world : through their journeys in France and abroad, through their meetings, the choir has the ambition to be an ambassador of Brittany when singing proudly. Then they bring out their history, their land, their language, their croyances  end their convictions.


Tradition and modernity

Their song repertoire is widely composed of traditional songs from Brittany and Wales. They honore Breton authors, poets and translators. They give a good place to the best composers and aarangers in the region.

But, without denying tradition, they are also open to modern sensibilities when welcoming young authors and composers.

A special originality

Since the choir's creation, about a hundred singers have improved it, bringing their competences and enthusiasm in their own ways. Today, they are about fifty singers and musicians. They try to reach the same goal than their elders with the same determination.

That choir has an originality : the singers come from all over Brittany, or in a righter way, from the five historical departments which have made Brittany.

A reference

For ever twenty years, "Mouezh Paotred Breizh" have slowly won enough fame to be now regarded as a reference in quality among the choirs singing in Breton.

They have now given over four hundred concerts : everywhere in Brittany, at "Festival de Cornouaille" in Quimper and at the "Festival Interceltique" in Lorient, and also in Paris and around Paris, in Alsace, in the Pays Basque, in Lyon, in Touraine, in Bearn, in the Vosges, etc.. and abroad : in Wales, Ireland, Latvia, Czech Republic, England, Switzeerland, Italy, Scotland, Gallicia.

Champions in Brittany

Every year, in July, "Mouezh Paotred Breizh" take part in competitions. Those competitions are organised by "Kanomp Breizh" for choirs singing in Breton, during the Festival "Kan ar Loar" in Landerneau.

In 2013, They were awarted First Prize in creation for their new cantata "Kan glaz ar sklêrijenn".

In 2008, 2012, 2015 et 2016, they were awarded Brittany singing champions in 1st category.

"Mouezh Paotred Breizh" et "Mousehole Male Voice Choir" se préparent à un concert exceptionnel en la cathédrale de Quimper pour célébrer le chant choral en langues celtiques.

Il ne faut pas rater le passage de "Mousehole Male Voice Choir" qui vient cette année en Bretagne pour seulement deux concerts.

Mousehole est un petit port situé à l'extrémité sud de l'Angleterre, à l'ouest des Cornouailles anglaises, juste en face de la Bretagne.

Dans une région qui compte près de 30 chœurs d'hommes, Mousehole représente sûrement ce qui se fait de mieux. Créé depuis 110 ans, le chœur rassemble, dans une belle dynamique, jeunes et plus anciens, pêcheurs, ouvriers, marins, professeurs.. pour entretenir la tradition du chant choral de haut niveau. En mai dernier, lors du Festival de Truro, considéré souvent comme le championnat du monde des chœurs d'hommes, Mousehole a obtenu une exceptionnelle 3ème place et le titre de meilleur chœur des Cornouailles.

Mouezh Paotred Breizh, 5 fois champion de Bretagne, chantera en 1ère partie du concert et invitera les spectateurs à un voyage singulier à travers la Bretagne et les pays celtes.

Le final s'annonce mémorable : les 2 chœurs se rassembleront (près de 100 chanteurs) pour chanter l'hymne commun : Bro Gozh Ma Zadou (en breton) Bro Goth Agan Tasow 'en cornique).

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